Council of Debrecen County Municipality


Debrecen is the second most important city of the country regarding the regional integration power with its population over 207.000, and it is also a relevant economic, cultural and scientific centre.

The economy of the city is currently in an intensive development phrase, resulting a number of changes in the city: from the growth of the population, beyond the transformation of residential areas and urban structure, to the development of transport.

In Debrecen extreme air pollution is usually experienced during the heating season due to unfavourable meteorological conditions, the residential solid fuel heating and the transport emissions.

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project


The Council of Debrecen County Municipality is planning to install a protective forest with dust-filtering, public awareness raising, and recreational functions as part of the pilot program of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project. Currently there is no protective forest on the west side of the city, therefore dust pollution coming from agricultural areas due to the prevailing wind direction, is a significant burden for the air of the city centre. 

Based on the city’s air quality plan, an area of 2-3 hectares will be selected on the west side of the city, where corps will be planted and water recovery systems will be installed, according to Green City principles.

In the area a vegetation of at least two levels will be planted striving toward self-sustaining green infrastructure system. The vegetation will improve the air quality and contribute to evolving a healthier environment by binding dust. The tree crowns give shade and protection, and they also evaporate – thus by cooling city climate, they entice city dwellers to go outside in the hottest heatwave.

The afore mentioned actions will demonstrate – for each air pollutants – how much the air quality can be improved with extensive green surface and how effective the dust filtering can be. A mobile measuring station will be used to measure the concentration of airborne dust and other air pollutants for demonstration purpose.

The selected green area will fulfil recreational functions as well. Footpaths and educational trails will be established, along with information and educational signs. The signs will show information about air quality protection.


Further activities in which Debrecen is participated:

• employing eco-manager

• supporting the review of the Air Quality Plan

• participating in awareness raising 

• creating and maintaining the emission database